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Google Glass First Impressions Part 2: Software and User Interface

In part 1 (which you can read here if you missed it) of the my first impressions, I discussed mostly hardware.  In part 2, I will talk about the software, user interface/experience and Glassware apps.  I decided a third and maybe a fourth part might be smart to keep things a little shorter.  I plan on writing about the experience of using Glass in public and the implications of Glass in Education.  With that said, let's get to it!

My First Impression of the Google Glass Explorer Edition Part 1: Getting Glass and the Hardware

You can read some other more professional reviews of Glass and even check out a complete teardown of Glass by clicking the links or doing a simple Google search.  I would like to focus on what the everyday user will find.  
     I have had Google Glass for a little over a week now, and I can say that it is certainly a revolutionary product. Glass is certainly still in it's infancy.  There are not too many apps available and we have no idea what the final product is going to look like for consumers, but in this post, I will attempt to address the different parts of Glass and the experience of getting Glass as an Explorer.  I will try to give some suggestions for using Glass in it's current state.  I will also offer some of my ideas on how the Glass team can make some improvements before they release it to everyone.