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It's Time to Consider the Chromebook for Everyone

It's no secret that I'm in Google's corner on many things. Chromebooks are one of those things. Recently, Chromebooks have become even better. How so you might ask? It all started with an announcement at this year's Google I/O. Starting in ChromeOS 53, many Chromebook models will be able to install and run apps from the Google Play Store.

What does that mean exactly? The Play Store gives Chromebooks access to hundreds of thousands of Android Apps! Yup, that's right, user's can run Android Apps on their Chromebooks. This has huge implications for everyone, but especially in Education. Chromebooks have often been cast aside by some because they cannot install applications. Starting this fall (you can even do so now on select models of Chromebooks if you run the Developer Channel of ChromeOS), apps are coming to Chromebooks.

That in and of itself is really awesome news, but it this news takes things every further because it will allow people to run Windows Apps o…